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Islamic eschatology is the branch of Islamic scholarship that studies Yawm al-Qiyamah ("the Day of Resurrection") or Yawm ad-Din ("the Day of Judgment").  This is believed to be the final assessment of humanity of Allah, with annihilation of all life, resurrection, and judgment.

By End-Times, Aug 31 2014 08:11PM

HELSINKI – Heavy rains and flash floods have snarled road and rail traffic in Sweden and Denmark, with divers called to rescue people in submerged vehicles.

Overnight rains which spread into Sunday forced the evacuation of residents from waterlogged homes in some areas.

Buses in the Swedish city of Malmo came to halt after vehicles broke down on flooded roads. Divers and rescue workers helped passengers trapped in submerged cars and buses, in one case breaking the window of a bus and dragging people out on an extended ladder.

In the Danish capital, rescue workers assisted the driver of a car engulfed in water.

Kristian Naested from the Copenhagen's fire department said: "We managed to save him at the very last moment."

Steen Rasmussen, chief forecaster at Denmark's Meteorological Institute said the heaviest rain — 120 millimeters (4.7 inches) in about three hours — engulfed parts of the city during the night.

"That was very heavy rain but now it will slowly lessen with occasional showers, and not so heavy," Rasmmussen said.

Officials advised people to stay indoors through Sunday.

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(Reuters) - A small eruption has occurred north of Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano after nearly two weeks of earthquakes in the region but no volcanic ash has been detected, authorities said on Friday.

The estimated 1-km fissure eruption in the Holuhraun area prompted the Icelandic Met Office to raise the warning code for aviation to red, the highest level.

The rumblings at Iceland's largest volcano system, which is covered by a several hundred meters thick glacier, have raised worries of an eruption that could spell trouble for air travel. In 2010, an ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano closed much of Europe's airspace for six days.

The eruption just after 2000 ET (Tuesday) took place in a lava field not covered by ice. The risk of an ash cloud is highest in case of a sub-glacial eruption.

"The Icelandic Met Office has raised the aviation colorcode over the eruption site to red and the Icelandic Air Traffic Control has closed down the airspace from the earth up to 18000 feet," Iceland's National Crisis Coordination Centre said.

"No volcanic ash has been detected with the radar system at the moment....Seismic eruption tremor is low indicating effusive eruption without significant explosive activity."

Icelandic Met Office spokeswoman Kristin Gudmundsdottir said activity at the fissure seemed to be unchanged in the morning hours after decreasing two hours after the eruption started.

The red warning code indicates that an eruption is imminent or underway, with a risk of ash.

By End-Times, Aug 29 2014 09:18AM

Authorities say they have no immediate reports of injuries or material damage following 'very strong' 5.7-magnitude quake

A 5.7-magnitude earthquake hit the southern Greek Peloponnese, the national earthquake observatory said, with no immediate reports of injury or damage.

The "very strong" quake hit at 0345 GMT on Friday with its epicentre recorded between the Peloponnese and the island of Milos, 145km (90 miles) south of Athens.

The Greek authorities said there were no reports of injuries or material damage.

An aftershock measuring 4.7 was recorded three minutes after the main quake, according to the observatory in the Greek capital.

Earthquakes are common in Greece. Thousands of people were left homeless in January by a quake on the Greek Ionian island of Cephalonia.

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CANBERRA, Australia – A volcanic eruption on Papua New Guinea has led to nearby communities being evacuated and some international flights being diverted.

The Australian government said authorities in the South Pacific nation had evacuated communities close to Mount Tavurvur, which erupted early Friday in Rabaul district on East New Britain Island.

The government said in a statement that residents of Rabaul town, the provincial capital, had been advised to remain indoors to avoid falling ash.

Qantas Airways said the ash cloud from the volcano had prompted minor alterations to flight paths between Sydney and Tokyo and between Sydney and the Chinese city of Shanghai.

The volcano destroyed the town of Rabaul in 1994 when it erupted simultaneously with nearby Mount Vulcan.

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The Bardarbunga volcano began to erupt Friday in Iceland, according to the Icelandic Met Office.

The eruption started in Holuhraun, north of Dyngjujökull, which is located in northern Vatnajökull. Scientists who are in the area close to the eruption estimate that the volcanic fissure in Holuhraun is about 1 km (0.62 miles) long, according to the Iceland Civil Protection Department.

If there is a large eruption, it may seriously impact international travel, Meteorologist Alan Reppert said.

"With the remains of Cristobal pushing over Iceland late in the weekend and early next week, there is a chance the winds above the volcano could push ash and debris south over the central and even western Atlantic," Reppart said. "Depending on how the storm dissolves, this may bring an even stronger push of winds southward into the Atlantic over the end of the week."

A Code Red aviation travel warning with a no-fly zone was issued Friday by the Met Office. The office said a significant emission of ash into the atmosphere was likely.

By End-Times, Aug 27 2014 07:39PM

Meteorologists say there is still no sign of an eruption at the Bardarbunga volcano despite the large overnight tremor

An earthquake of magnitude 5.7 hit Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano overnight, the biggest since tremors began 10 days ago, but there is still no sign of an eruption, the country's Meteorological Office said on Tuesday.

Intense seismic activity at Iceland's largest volcano system has raised worries that an eruption could cause another ash cloud like that from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in 2010, that shut down much of Europe's airspace for six days.

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LIMA, Aug 25 - A major 6.9 magnitude earthquake rocked southern Peru, US experts said, but there were no immediate reports of casualties or considerable damage.

The quake hit at 2321 GMT 42 kilometers (26 miles) east-northeast of the town of Tambo at a depth of 101 kilometers on Sunday, according to the US Geological Survey.

Centered 467 kilometers (290 miles) southeast of the capital Lima, the quake sent panicked people into the streets of the city of Ayacucho home to about 150,000. It was first reported by USGS as a 7.0 magnitude event.

In the capital, however, the quake was felt as a 4.4 magnitude occurrence noticed by residents of highrises but not those out and about in the sprawling city of eight million.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center cautioned that quakes of this size “sometimes generate local tsunamis that can be destructive along coasts located within 100 kilometers of the earthquake epicenter.”

“Authorities in the region of the epicenter should be aware of this possibility and take appropriate action,” it added.

By End-Times, Aug 24 2014 01:17PM

A strong 6.4-magnitude earthquake jolted central Chile on Saturday, officials said, though there were no immediate reports of fatalities or serious damage.

The quake struck at 6:32 pm (2232 GMT) about 108 kilometers (67 miles) northwest of the capital Santiago, at a depth of 35 kilometers, the US Geological Survey said.

The national emergency office ONEMI said the temblor shook Santiago and five other regions in the South American nation.

More than five million people live in the capital, and the quake shook buildings for 30-40 seconds, causing panic even in a country used to temblors.

"There have been some power outages but no reports of damage to buildings or infrastructure... though this is still preliminary information," ONEMI chief Miguel Ortiz said.

The earthquake did not create a tsunami risk, according to the water and oceans service.

Chile is one of the most seismically active countries in the world, and is located in the so-called Ring of Fire area of the Pacific Ocean basin.

An 8.2-magnitude quake in northern Chile in April killed six people and forced a million to leave their homes in the region around Iquique.

And a February 27, 2010 quake that struck just off the coast of Chile's Maule region measured 8.8 in magnitude, making it one of the largest ever recorded.

It killed more than 500 people and inflicted an estimated $30 billion in damages.


By End-Times, Aug 24 2014 01:15PM

A strong 6.0-magnitude earthquake jolted California early on Sunday morning, the US Geological Survey said, though there were no immediate reports of deaths or serious damage.

The quake struck at 3.20am (10.20 GMT) north-west of American Canyon, California, USGS said, at a depth of just 10.8 kilometres below the surface.

The power was out in Napa, about six miles from the earthquake's epicentre, as well as in other towns and cities nearby, affecting more than 10 000 households, according to the Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

The California Highway Patrol in the San Francisco Bay Area tweeted that it was “checking over crossings and bridges for obvious signs of structural integrity,” and asked residents to report any signs of problems.

Residents of the cities of San Francisco, about 40 miles south-west, and Davis, just over 40 miles north-east, quickly took to Twitter reporting also feeling the quake.

Twitter user Tyson Winter wrote: “Shook violently here in Napa. Power's out.”

Ann Marie Christy,wrote that her mother, also in Napa, said the shaking “was very violent with a lot of broken glass.”

And in San Francisco, Om Malik posted “Damn, woke me up. Was super long. #quake #sf.”

Further north, Tim Kerbavaz tweeted: “Felt it in Davis too. Quite long.” - Sapa-AFP

By End-Times, Aug 20 2014 11:22AM

Rescue efforts are underway in Hiroshima, Japan after several landslides buried people and caused severe damage Wednesday morning, local time.

At least eight people are dead and over a dozen missing, according to the Associated Press, after a wall of mud raced down the mountainside and directly into a populated portion of Hiroshima.

The landslides occurred after heavy rain soaked the area on Tuesday and into Wednesday.

The Japan Meteorological Agency reported that 217.5 mm (8.54 inches) of rain fell in just a three hour period, 101.0 mm (3.98 inches) of which fell in just one hour.

The Associated Press reported that rescue workers were pulling victims from the rubble as they searched homes in the affected area.

This substantial amount of rain set a new all-time record for amount of rain in a three hour period, more than doubling the old record of 101 mm set on August 5, 1997.

A new 24 hour rainfall record was also set for Hiroshima with 257 mm (10.12 inches) breaking the old record of 234 mm (9.21 inches) set on July 3, 1995.